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Kurt Cummins

A native to Oklahoma, Kurt holds a Master of Business Administration degree in Finance from Oklahoma City University and a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Southwestern College.

Kurt has over 30 years of experience working with high-tech companies and a proven track record of successfully helping organizations to grow faster.

Kurt brings an entrepreneurial mindset and a drive to work harder than most to "make sure things get done".  With his background in leadership and hands-on experience managing multiple start-ups in financial and real estate related industries, he brings a diverse wealth of knowledge that can't be taught.

When he's not directly supporting our clients, Kurt advises our internal team on strategy, process and methodology decisions.

  • Specialties

    • Leadership

    • Creativity

    • Workflow and Process Optimization

  • Skills & Attributes

    • Strategy

    • Drive

    • Optimism

    • Perseverance

  • Interests

    • Family​

    • Church

    • Golf

    • Travel

    • Music

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