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Natural Gas & Oil Services


Increasing cash flow for welding, trucking, drilling and other services supporting active oilfields.

Whether you operate upstream, midstream or downstream, you can count on oilfield factoring to keep your cash flowing. Long payment terms are common in the oil and gas industry, making it hard for oilfield service providers to keep a steady cash flow. Rather than stressing over whether or not you have enough funds to pay employees, cover research and development costs or purchase equipment, use accounts receivable factoring to maintain a stable source of capital.

BC Factoring provides custom factoring solutions that help you manage operating expenses for an active oilfield without taking on debt.

Oilfield factoring provides fast financing for oil and gas companies by turning receivables into cash. This type of financing helps oilfield service providers take on new growth opportunities by eliminating the wait for payment. If a lack of working capital is preventing you from going after a lucrative project, we can get your business the funds you need.

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