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Oil Field


Increasing cash flow for welding, trucking, drilling and other services supporting active oilfields.

Whether you operate upstream, midstream or downstream, you can count on oilfield factoring to keep your cash flowing. Long payment terms are common in the oil and gas industry, making it hard for oilfield service providers to keep a steady cash flow. Rather than stressing over whether or not you have enough funds to pay employees, cover research and development costs or purchase equipment, use accounts receivable factoring to maintain a stable source of capital.

BC Factoring provides custom factoring solutions that help you manage operating expenses for an active oilfield without taking on debt.

Oilfield factoring provides fast financing for oil and gas companies by turning receivables into cash. This type of financing helps oilfield service providers take on new growth opportunities by eliminating the wait for payment. If a lack of working capital is preventing you from going after a lucrative project, we can get your business the funds you need.


BC Factoring is proud to provide transportation factoring. Factoring can be a great way for small businesses, especially trucking companies, to manage their cash flow effectively and not devote valuable time that can be better spent hauling the next load because you are chasing down a late payer.You will always have the cash you need to cover your expenses and keep those trucks moving! The two biggest benefits of factoring for small carriers and owner-operators is that they spend less time chasing past due receivables and more time driving, and a steady stream of revenue coming into the business. Knowing you have income coming in on a regular basis can lift a great weight off your back. Give us a call today to get those gas tanks filled and trucks back on the road.

red trucks


BC Factoring offers factoring solutions for contractors and subcontractors that provides working capital within 24 hours to pay suppliers, purchase equipment, cover payroll and overhead expenses, and most importantly, grow your business.

  • Contractors

  • Subcontractors   

  • Service Providers

building construction

Service Provider Accounts Receivable Factoring

Many service providers lack the collateral to obtain traditional bank financing, because they may not have valuable assets outside of their accounts receivable. Bridge Capital Business Services is proud to provide manufacturers, contractors, and subcontractors the working capital necessary to meet their financial obligations. This will ensure that they can continue with their normal day-to-day business without worrying about outstanding payments while also taking on more customers, including those requiring long payment cycles.

Benefits Of Construction Factoring

  • 24/7 online customer portal for staying on top of payments in real time

  • Factoring specialists who understand your business model

  • Dedicated account managers ready to solve today’s cash flow problems and help your company grow

  • Same-day funding after invoice review

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