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Brogan Cummins

Brogan Cummins has been with BC Factoring since 2018 as an Account Coordinator and basically that means he handles anything the client needs. He excels at working with your customer in a professional and efficient manor to assist with their concerns or challenges.


Brogan focuses daily on collecting receivables, coordinating communication between all parties, and maintaining account record detail. His open and confident communication skills allow for efficient workflow and clear resolutions to any challenge.

Brogan brings an optimistic and open-minded approach to any problem and understands that our success is determined by the success of our clients.


  • Specialties

    • Solution-Oriented

    • Creativity

  • Skills & Attributes

    • Positive Attitude

    • Altruistic

    • Competitive

    • Communication

  • Interests

    • Family

    • Sports Enthusiast

    • Traveling

    • Socializing

    • Video Gaming

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